The Enchanted Island

The Enchanted Island is a promenade play that takes us on the legendary vanishing Island Hy-Brazil and invites you for a walk with the fairies.

The play extends an invitation to explore the effects of climate change in places near the ocean through playful sadness. The audience walks within audio landscapes where merfolk sip seaweed tea inside eerie underwater buildings, Seagull-John cooks white birds over trash fires, and dreams and magic appear in multiple forms to fight our lack of belief in their existence.

Duration approximately 1 hr – route approximately 3 kilometers outdoors, please wear proper walking shoes and dress according to the weather.


August 2023, more details soon.


Tuesday, 2nd of MAY 2023 – work-in-progress at GALWAY THEATRE FESTIVAL
Wednesday, rd of MAY 2023 – work-in-progress Inishmore, Aran Islands

Written and created by Jenni Nikinmaa
Produced by Fake Gingers
Production support Michelle Cahill
Sound recording and editing support Jack Cawley
Actors on-site Ali Keohane and Jenni Nikinmaa
Voice actors Mikel Murfi, Tonya Lenhart, Jack Cawley, Jenni Nikinmaa

Supported by: Agility Award / The Arts Council of Ireland

The Enchanted Island has been created with the support of Remote Control residencies 2 & 3 hosted by Brú Theatre and MAKE 2022 residency (Dublin Fringe, Project Arts Centre, Cork Midsummer Festival; Theatre Forum).

Thanks to Max Hafler for help with character development
Town Hall Theatre Galway for rehearsal space

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