“This play demonstrates a very high level of skill navigating cutting-edge forms of performance-making in service to and in harmony with its complex themes, all centered around the expression of self, need, and pain intrinsic to histories of self-harm. This challenging theme is met with kind and unblinking forthrightness that is most discernable in instances of audience interaction.”

It’s True I Love You All So Much is a play that I needed to write. In its first existence, it was part of my playwriting dissertation at the National University of Ireland, Galway. The above quote is from the feedback I got at that stage. Big thanks to my supervisor Dr. Sarah Hoover & playwriting mentor Dylan Coburn Gray. The play is an autobiographical dare that looks into self-harm, family dynamics and invites audiences to experience the process of healing.

Ashley Cota’s blog text about the play
Galway Advertiser Article

It’s True I Love You Very Much & Eva’s Echo Theatre Company

Eva’s Echo Theatre Company produced the play in 2021 as a fully digital version. Show’s program.

It’s True I Love You All So Much by Jenni Nikinmaa is a new and innovative piece of interactive digital theatre. The audience watching is in front of their screens, disconnected from each other and disconnected from the performance, performer, and the stage, which are the same thing, the screen. The audience is part of the process, the part that is watching how self-harm and madness perform themselves.

The show explores family dynamics, self-harm, mental health, and love through text that is both blunt and poetic in its delivery. The performance runs in real-time but we encouraged audiences to take a break if the topic overwhelmed them at any time.

It’s True was performed online from September 30th – October 1st, 2021.

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