Poetry Fortunes won´t give you the winning lottery numbers – just a few poems and some space for reflection. Which is more than enough.

A beautiful and evocative performance based on tarot reading made through a special deck of cards containing poetry. The audiences are invited to engage with their inner experience of time and space via poems created out of past, future, and present – each poem received is a unique combination of words, imagination, and interaction in a passing moment.

Poetry Fortunes is a one-to-one piece inspired by tarot cards and the dramaturgy of chance. Written and performed by Jenni Nikinmaa, the piece can be experienced in any shared space – online or embodied. The audience will receive a fortune through custom-made poetic tarot cards. Customers receive their poem as a pdf file after the reading.

Premiere 30th of March 2020 as part of Poetry Day Ireland. Further performances on Poetry Day Ireland 2022 (Online) and on 25th of June, 2022 at Aughagower as part of Dancing at the Crossroads -festival.

Customer feedback

“I really enjoyed the performance, beautiful and sensitive”

“loved them, beautiful and evocative”

“I loved that the experience was different to any other experience I have had, so I felt it was very unique and a special way to spend my time.”

“I find tarot readings difficult to understand sometimes, so the poems were a good gateway to understanding. They were also a beautiful artistic expression, and an experience based on my own reading so it was special.”

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