I work as a playwright and dramaturg both in Finnish and in English, and do translations of plays. I’m curious about digital theatre, immersive concepts and postdramatic structure. My plays are poetic and disturbing, often a bit autobiographical and explore theatrical devices and their boundaries.


Eeva Putro. Picture Nils Krogell.

Älä jätä jälkiä

Älä jätä jälkiä esitettiin ensimmäisen kerran KOM-teatterin sokkodraamassa 4.12.2017 Lauri Maijalan ohjaamana. Kulkutautikaudella esityksetä toteutettiin etäteatteriversio, jonka ensi-ilta oli 17.2.2021.

It’s True I Love You All So Much

It’s True I Love You All So Much is a digital play about self-harm, forgiveness, desperation and healing. It will be produced by Eva’s Echo Theatre Company in Galway.

My other plays which haven’t been produced yet include Apple Blossoms (shortlisted for Alpine Fellowship Theatre Prize 2020), Empathy – a play about climate crisis, repetitions of generations and responsibility, and Bird Watching – What is Love? A bizarre, postdramatic description about falling/not falling in love.


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I have assisted with dramaturgy in Finland as part of the working group in plays Kaikki äitini, kaikki tyttäreni and Kaikki mieheni, and my first official job as a dramaturg was Miitta elää! with Miitta Sorvali & Sanna Stellan.

I’m especially good at figuring out postdramatic dramaturgies, combining material from different mediums, and immersive work. As a dramaturg, I will offer some creative solutions but my main focus is on helping others find what and how they want to say. I also love asking difficult questions and spotting inconsistencies within the logic of the piece.

Creative Work in Theatre

I’ve worked as a part of ensembles and together with other artists in various creative roles . These are few of the projects:

Eco Chambers

Eco Chambers is a narrative, fully digital show where the audience as demigods decides the fate of the world. It’s procuded by Exit Productions Ltd (London).

Sounds Ecological with Kate McBrearty

This work-in-progress is in focus during 2021. The aim of the piece is to facilitate choices which support a healthier planet.

“This challenging theme is met with kind and unblinking forthrightness that is most discernable in instances of audience interaction. Impressively high levels of creativity and delicacy are especially shown in designing audience interactions – -“

Feedback on the script of It’s True I Love You All So Much

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“I must be a mermaid, Rango. I have no fear of depths and a great fear of shallow living.”

Anaïs Nin

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